Paperheart Group consists of Hellenic Plastic S.A. and Personal Care S.A. Companies.
Hellenic Plastic is the largest and most modern tissue converting industry in Greece.It produces all kinds of tissue products including kitchen towel, toilet paper, facial tissues, napkins etc Personal Care, with its latest technology production lines, produces adult incontinence products. Incontinence pants, open diapers and underpads.

PAPER HEART Group has ultramodern production units in privately owned facilities in the industrial area of ASPROPYRGOS, ATTICA (GREECE), with buildings covering 27,000 m2 within a plot of 75,000 m2.

The companies of the Group engage in the production of private label products for retailers including Delhaize, Metro, Carrefour etc. as well as products with our brand names which are widely known in the Greek and foreign market since we are actively exporting in more than 10 countries including Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal, Croatia, Australia etc.

The continuous growth of the Group can be attributed to our exceptional and fully knowledgeable personnel, our appropriate and ceaseless investments and our excellent relations with our customers and suppliers for a number of years.

We constantly intend to apply, without deviations, the same successful rationale that has brought our companies in the first place and which is based on honesty and the effective collaboration among our management, personnel, clients and suppliers.



It all started in 1996. At that time, the main business involved the import of plastic garbage bags for house use and their sale to supermarkets. That’s how the name of the first company of our Group (HELLENIC PLASTIC S.A.) derived. The following year, in 1997, the trade of hygienic paper and napkins would start.

In 1999, the first paper machinery was purchased to start producing products for supermarket chains upon request. We were also present throughout the market with our brand names REGINA, BEST.
In 2004, the facilities that host the current factory and offices are purchased in the Industrial Area of Aspropyrgos, in close proximity to the centre of Athens and the ports of Piraeus and Eleusis. The company would gradually invest in all areas of interest.

  • Modern production lines
  • Facilities
  • Specialized personnel
  • Excellent relations with suppliers, clients and banks

In 2007, the second company of the Group is founded under the name Personal Care S.A. aiming at the trade and industrial production of incontinence products. So, despite the Greek economic recession, PAPER HEART Group keeps moving on forward thanks to the right strategic decisions and investments.


At Paper Heart, we know that in order to keep growing in the future, we need to always be ahead of any advancement. The ultimate goal is to maintain our no1 position in the production of paper and offer to our clients and consumers high quality products.

Another important goal is to maintain the technology of our machinery at a high level in order to be able to achieve the upmost performance and at the same time have a friendly profile towards the environment.

And, naturally, we want to offer our colleagues a friendly, safe and promising working environment.


At PAPER HEART Group of Companies we operate with full respect and special care towards the environment. Starting with their design, our ultramodern facilities are based on the minimization of risk involving the release of pollutants in the environment, while our factory is the only in the wider area to be surrounded by 500 big trees.

At the same time, we invest in green development by making sure that our machinery produces more with less energy spent. We also take advantage of the remaining paper by giving it for recycling to industries producing carton boxes. And this is not just all; we always try to be informed and follow the trends in relation to anything in support of the environmental equilibrium.